AWS private EC2 instance SSH access

Stefan Pöltl
3 min readJan 29, 2021
Access an EC2 Instance via SSH in a private VPC subnet

You want to check services running in a private subnet in your VPC on AWS, or just want to play around with the shell on a small instance on your private network? This guide shows you how to access an EC2 instance on a private subnet within your VPC via SSH:

  1. Launch an EC2 instance

2. Select Amazon Linux 2 AMI

3. Select the micro or nano instance type

4. Select the network in which the instance should run

5. Click review and launch

6. Ignore SSH Keys(proceed without a keypair)

7. Assign the SSM automation role to the instance

8. There is no role available — create a new IAM role

9. Select EC2 as trusted entity