• Reginaldo Sousa

    Reginaldo Sousa

    I help solve business challenges using tech. Currently working as Tech Leader at lemoney.com

  • Yves Sinkgraven

    Yves Sinkgraven

    Editor @ ITNEXT

  • gkzz


    🇯🇵 #SoftwareDeveloper #MeijiUniv @apc_tweet Opinions are my own. #Geek #ギークハウス大倉山 #gkz https://gkzz.github.io/

  • Leif Bredgaard Honoré

    Leif Bredgaard Honoré

    Software Creativitist, French Bully dad, husband, cyclist… and so much more…

  • Bernard Robert

    Bernard Robert

  • Navyah


  • Mohammed nabiuddin

    Mohammed nabiuddin

  • Martin Schindler

    Martin Schindler

    Bachelor of Computer Science & Software Architect with a weakness for perfection and the awareness of human imperfection. Passionate mountain biker 🤘

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